Peter the Great

By: Alondra Almonte

Peter the Great

  • Peter took the throne when he was 10, but didn't take control of the government until he was 15.
  • He wanted to strengthen the military, expand Russian borders, and centralize royal power.
  • Peter took all Russian institutions under his control and forced boyars to serve the state.

Peter Facts

  • He created the largest army in Europe, built a navy from scratch, and set out to extend Russian borders to the west and south.
  • Peter used terror to enforce his absolute power.
  • Peter had died without an heir or naming a successor.
  • He had no mercy for anyone who didn't obey his new rules, and over 1000 of the rebels that revolted were killed and left to rot.

Modernization of Russia

  • He heard of the new technology that was helping Western European monarchs create powerful empires.
  • He spent hours walking the streets of European cities.
  • He started westernization, but it was difficult so he ruled as one of the most autocratic absolute monarch


  • Boyars had to shave their beards and were forced to replace their old-fashioned robes and with Western-style clothes.
  • Peter ended the seclusion of upper class women in separate quarters.