Evolution of cameras

The types of equipment that we use

I choose this site because it gave great picture of old cameras and it gave the names and the history to it too. For example it tells you that Gandolfi is One of the oldest camera manufacturers in the world.

The history of the camera

I picked this website because it shows you everything about a camera from the inside. Also it tells you when cameras where made and who made them. For example A Frenchman called Joseph Nicéphore Niépce obtained the first ever photographic image with his “Camera Obscura”. This image was taken by having the shutter left open for eight hours ad faded shortly after.
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Cameras of the future

I chose this website because it can give you an idea about what future cameras can possibly be one day. like they say that a camera called the "Smell-graphy"

Photography is a visual medium, but the camera of the future may add the sense of smell to photographs.

Different types of photography

I chose this website because it shows you all the different types of photography.For example event photography. Event photography is one of the different types of photography that involves the photographing of weddings of relatives and friends and other parties and occasions. You are required to use the continuous shooting mode on your camera to capture those memorable moments.

Top 10 photos

I choose this site because it show the top 10 photos of the world. For example the twin towers disaster.The power of Steve Ludlum’s photos are astounding, and the written description only tends to dilute the impact. The consequences of the second aircraft crashing into New York’s WTC were devastating: fireballs erupted and smoke billowed from the skyscrapers anticipating the towers’ collapse and monstrous dust clouds.
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I think this will be a popular exhibit because....

I think my idea will be a popular exhibit because everybody takes pictures now these days. If its just to capture your favorable moments or just to update you profile picture on Facebook. We use something to take those photos, and that could be your cell phones to your Nikon camera. My research shows ways you can shoot your photography, by areal photography to under water photography. Also my research shows you the evolution of cameras.