By Giulia S.

The "Game"

Sam Westing dies and he gets together 16 people to play the Westing Game. In pairs of 2, Sam Westing gives them clues and the pairs look for anything that goes with their clues. Together, can these 16 heirs find out how to win the $1,000,000?

The heirs are connected in ways that do not seem obvious at first, and each heir has the perfect partner. Throughout the mystery, we learn more about each heir and how each is connected to Sam Westing. Read below to find out more about the heirs!

The Westing Heirs

Tips for Working with a Detective Agency

1. Listen to all of the group members' ideas

2. Be ready to share your thinking

3. Prove it if you need to

4. Keep careful notes

5. Use the ideas of others to help you think

6. Put all of your ideas together