Malcolm X's Assassination

Project created by: Misael Hernandez

Malcolm's assassination

The assassination of Malcolm X in February 21st, 1965 has been a devastating event in the history of the Civil Right's Movement. Malcolm X was giving his speech for his organization, but sadly his life was shorten by members of the Nation of Islam. many people believed that his assassination was random yet there was many speculation that the Nation of Islam have been planning his assassination for a while. What made this even more bizarre is that even Malcolm X knew some info of them plotting this.

Who Assassinated Him?

Members of the Nation of Islam have committed the assassination but in particular, a member of the Nation of Islam named Thomas Hagan was the only member of the Nation of Islam to ever admit that he was involved in the assassination 1965. Thomas was sentence to 20 years to life in prison in 1966.

Why assassinate Malcolm X?

Many speculate that the Nation of Islam has some connection to it. the Nation of Islam were furious when Malcolm X has left the Nation of Islam and ever since they have planned his assassination after that. When Malcolm started forming his own organization, the Nation of Islam started threatening him and his family. Later on Malcolm has speculated that the Nation of Islam is planning his assassination and the Nation denied it.

How does this tie in with his Hero's Journey?

Malcolm's journey did not end peacefully, but it did send a message that impact so many. Many finally recognized what he was trying to fight for and agreed with him. Malcolm shows that in order to get farther in changing people's perspective, you have to eventually change yours. some people won't agree with you, but it is sometimes the right thing to do.