My Future Tale


My personality!

Hey, every one my name is Autymn and I have a different personality then most people but I 'm proud of who I am I am a girl who has a rough life but thats the past now where on to the future. Here, a little bit aout me I 14 years old I have two brothers and 2 sisters and a mom and step-dad but I call him dad (some times) but this is about my personality so I like to focuse more on school and staying organized with my binders, and school work even my chores thing have to be done a surtin way for me to work . Like, I share a room with my 2 sisters and they have toys and there side of the room so then there my side with every ting is a surtin place to where I remeber where it is and if i go to look for it I can find it with no problem.

So. even my bathroom I have my side and they have there's I freak out if what I'm looking for is missing, thats just who I am and I plan thigns ahead like for high school I plan on never being late for class and no miss more than 1 or 2 days of school. I make goals for my self like with how much money I wan't to save , thing I want to work hard for , my grades, and many other thing as well but I don't want to bore you with that stuff. So, that's a little bit about my personality there is more but that's all I have for today hope to see you in the near future I might be saving one of your pets but I don't know if that will happen it could but I just planning.

-Autymn Atherton


My friends and I are like family well were family by God and when I hang out with them they can be like me or way different so say I was left brained and my friend was all right braind then we would only have he fun side of us the same! Just because there different than you are you dont have to change you to be like them!