Food Marketing

Nutritional facts

What a slice of pizza contains

A slice of pizza as we all know is fattening. A slice of pizza contains the following:

- 130 calories

- 0 mg of cholesterol

- 19 total carbohydrates

- 8 g of sugar

- 2 g of protein

How to eat healthier

The first step is to start looking at the labels on food products. Even if it says that there is reduced sugar, that means that the fat content is higher. Another step is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Find a way to make them taste better if you don't like the taste.

Food Companies

Food companies do what will appeal to people and children. Food companies will package their product in boxes and bags that are colorful and will be immediately recognized in order for children and their parents to want to buy them. You may want to avoid them. If you decide to buy them then you should check the nutrition label where it is located on the package.
How many calories am I supposed to have a day?

How many calories are in a pizza?

How much sugar does that have in it?

Which one is healthier?