What you should always have in case of a emergency

Parachute Cord Bracelet?

There are many things that you should have on you at all times. One thing you should carry on you is a para cord bracelet. Para cord has many names. One being parachute cord because it is used to make parachutes. Its most official name is 550 cord. A para cord bracelet is around 50 feet of cord that is wound into a cool bracelet. Some people dont want to wear these because they believe it is just a black cord that is tangled around your wrist. This is a complete lie! These are not only a very useful piece of gear that can help save your life, but also a cool looking wrist band. They come in many cool colors as well! It is a good thing that someone came up with the idea of coloring them because the bright color cord is much easier to see in the dark and from a helicopter that could be searching for you. If you were ever to be stranded on a tropical island this cord can do more then just help a helicopter see you. It is also really useful for building a shelter. Shelter is a key part of survival because it protects you from the outside elements like rain or heavy winds. This cord can also be used for suspending what ever food you have found while stranded away from animals. It also can be used to make a clothes line to dry wet clothes. The possibilities are endless with it!

Swiss Army Knives

This is one of the fist things that comes to a persons mind when you say survival equipment. It is a tool that has 6-12 tools inside of it. They come in many sizes. They can be small enough to fit on your key chain. Some of the things that you find in a Swiss army knife is the knife itself, scissors, nail file, bottle opener, saw, flat head, and a Phillips head screwdriver. These tools are very important. The knife itself can be used to to cut para cord, and the saw can cut whatever wood you need to either build a fire or support your shelter. The Phillips head and flat head screwdriver can be used like a drill. The file is like a ever lasting piece of sand paper. Swiss army knives are a key piece of equipment that you should carry everyday. The possibilities are endless!

Compact Mirror

This item is very important. It is the best signaling tool you can carry besides a flare gun. The reason behind this is very simple. When light strikes a mirror it gives off a good reflection. The reason this is so important is because you can use it to signal a plane or helicopter. Now don't just think by aiming it in the planes direction it will be spotted. There is a technique to it. In order to signal the plane you are going to have to get the sun to reflect off it. The best way to know where this is reflecting is by trying to get it to reflect a beam of light on your hand. Once you have done this you are going to want to move your hand in front of the target. When you line it up remove your hand out of the beams path. Finally wobble the mirror back in fourth and you should be spotted!

Gauze Bandage

Gauze Bandage is a very useful piece of equipment. It serves one main function that comes to most peoples minds. It is obvious what it is. Gauze was made to stop bleeding. When your stranded on a island and have to venture into the woods you might fall and scrap your knee. You could also get a deep cut from falling on sharp rocks. With gauze you can simply rap it around those scrapes and cuts to keep them from bleeding out precious blood. It will also hide it from being infected. Gauze can also be wrapped around a area on your body that you sprained like your knee or wrist. One final use for gauze is using it to filter water. It wont be filtered perfect but it will get out some of the dirt and grime.Gauze should be something you carry everyday.