Race Relationships in the US

By Darnell D.

Crises in the U.S.A.

  • The night James Brown saved Boston: James Brown was a famous singer in the 1960's and 1970's. James Brown is known for saving Boston in 1968.
  • The two Towns of Jasper: Three guy name Lawrence Brewer, Shawn Berry, and John King dragged and killed a man named James Byrd Jr. for 3 miles.

The Night James Brown saved Boston.

April 4, 1968 when King died the people of Boston rioted, looted, and violence brook out. The city was in a major problem and then James Brown preformed at the Boston Garden.

What was James Brown hoping to bring together on April 5, 1968?

He was hoping to bring the community together that night because he didn't want violence to spread throughout Boston by the people that came from Roxbury to see the performance.

James Brown was apart of what type of effect?

He was apart of the healing effect because when he sang at the Boston Garden he stopped most of the rioting, looting, and the fighting in streets.

What was the biggest problem in Boston in 1968?

Segregation was the biggest problem in Boston.

The Two Towns of Jasper

In the year 1998 a black man named James Byrd Jr. was dragged to death by three white men named Bill King, Lawrence Russell Brewer, and Shawn Berry. This took place on a three mile road in a town named Jasper. The three men that killed him were on trial and two of the three had a death sentence and the last one had got life in prison, but the first man is still alive because they think it is a cruel punishment.

What did the need in the town of Jasper?

They needed race relationships because if the town of Jasper did have race relationships the crisis may not have happened.

What was different about the cemetery in the town Jasper?

The cemetery in Jasper had the color lines very clearly drawn because the cemetery had a white side and a black side.

What roles do leader play in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis or crises?

Leaders within a community can prevent a crisis. James Brown was a leader in the Boston community in the 1968. He prevented this crisis in Boston by singing and telling the people not to riot, loot, and fight. Also in the two towns of Jasper the major was the leader because the major took down the fence in the cemetery.