Roman Society

By Perla Meza & Alexa Gonzalez Coronel

Citizen Rights

The rights of citizens is to be able to vote.Official offices civil and government.Own property and write contracts.MAles citizens enjoy all af the rights because they can do whatever they want while women have only to a certain limit of rights.One of the limited rights that women can't do is vote or goverment offices.


Slaves are property with almost any rights and had small chances of freedom,like when an owner is about to die they give them the right to have freedom.Former slaves had certain limited rights that regular slaves didn't have.If a women slave is from another place and has a baby in Rome the baby becomes a full Roman citizen.


When someone marries a wealthy person and they are not citizens they become full Roman citizens.If a wealthy person has a child and the father gives the child the right to his inheritance the child has its if a person does wrong to someone or breaks the law they are sentenced to death,demanded to leave from Rome,pay money,be salves,or beatings.If somebody killed their own father they will experience a slow & ugly death by being drowned in a river to pay for their fathers life.