Phase 2 will start September 8th

Ferris Junior High Celebrations and Information

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New Hall Pass Information

Students, you will have a new electronic pass system through your Chromebooks starting March 17th, when we return from Spring Break. Yes, this will require you to have your Chromebook and for it to be charged up. You will not be allowed to leave class if you don't have your Chromebook or it is not charged, so please make sure you bring your Chromebook daily and it is charged. Here are some YouTube videos you can watch to see how the new system will work. First, you will have to add e-Hall to you, Class Link, if it has not already been added.

1. Creating a Pass:
2. Canceling a Pass:
3. Reviewing Passes for the current day:
4. Auto Pass Overview:
5. Appointment Pass Overview & Notifications:
6. Using Auto Check-in PIN:
7. Receiving a Proxy Pass:
8. Pass Limit and Pass Blocking:
9. Receiving an Out of Office (from a Teacher):

Click Here if you need a HOTSPOT

If you don't have the internet at home, this is a way to ensure you have internet!

Click here for our new student led podcast

This will give you information about FJH and Ferris ISD.

Click here for the podcast on Spotify

Same Podcast, but will open it in Spotify

Technology Issues

Technology questions for students and parents go to

Call 972-544-2027

Stay Connected

Parents and students. Below are many ways you can connect with us and stay up to date.

You can also follow us on Instagram @ferris_junior_high

Please remember to keep all the information (Phone numbers, addresses, and emails) up to date with Ms. Sparkman.

Grade Checks


Please make sure you are checking your student's grades. We have many students falling behind on assignments.Here is the link to check.