Biological Oceanographer

Kevin Konop- 4th hour science

Career Overview

People who are biological oceanographers study fish and mammals that live in the water. They also study natural disasters and how to prevent them.

Classes to take

In high school you should take calculus, geology, biology, and physics. In college you are required to take water resources engineering and hydrology.

Education and living cost

At Western Michigan University it is $34,788 per year for all classes. You will need to attend 4 years at college which your total will come to $139,152. Housing will cost an estimated 30,000 for all four years. Buying food for yourself will cost about 6,400. Traveling during your time at college will cost about 2,000 dollars. Buying clothes at college will cost about 2,000. Then your tuition will cost $139,152. The total estimated cost will be $179,552. I also have to think about applying for loans and scholarships. Also I have to pay for lots of my college. I personally would not like to go to college for this job because I do not want to pay out of state tuition and be in debt. I will need to get a part time job

Associations for this Career

There is the American Water Works Association Also there is the American Geological Institute

Positives and Negatives for this Career


Opportunities to help people conserve water.

This job has a chance to discover something new

Get to work with big problems like floods.


Still a lot of new information that has to be explored.

Difficult to get enough money for research jobs.

Job Advertisment

Are you sick of your old, ordinary job? Do you like water? Do you want to get paid a lot of money? I have a solution for you! A biological oceanographer!!! If you become a biological oceanographer you can help people with floods and conserve water, you can also study all of your favorite ocean animals and organisms. You will also have opportunities to work outside. All of this deal is for 4 years of college. Isn't that a great deal? The best part about this job is they pay $22.96 an hour! How you like them apples? If you are interested, please call 1-555-555-5555.