Weekend Focus

April 25th, 2015


Big shout out to you all for making our No Worksheet Holiday a success. It was a much needed reprieve from testing in the building. The best comment I heard from a student was that most every day is a no worksheet holiday in his classroom. That's the goal..create engaging, minds-on, hands-on learning that sticks every single day. Let's work to keep that intensity for the next 18 days. I know we can finish strong!
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What's Happening This Week

  • MAP Makeups all Week
  • PLEASE add your grade level/dept events to the McIntire Calendar and email Debbie. Thanks!


8:15-Emergency Drills

Meet and Greet with Mr. Clements 3:40 in the library


5th Grade Science MAP (wireless should be fine-will let you know if we have issues)


7:30-PBS Tier 2/3

5th Grade Science MAP (wireless should be ok-will let you know if we have issues)

Field Day 4th and Kdg


Title 1 Advisory 1-4 @Bush

Field Day 2nd and 3rd

4th and 5th grade music programs (6 and 7pm)


7:15-PLC Lead

Beth @ regional principal meeting

5th Grade field trip

Looking Ahead:

End of Year Dates

Monday, May 18th: NO Specials

Awards Assemblies:

8:45-9:30 2nd-5th grades

9:45-10:30 K-1

McIntire's Got Talent

1:00pm in the gym (see email about grade level songs)

Tuesday, May 19th: Last Day of Specials

Wednesday, May 20th: Last Day of School-Summer Celebration

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