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by Yaemi Espinoza

plot outline
Exposition:Characters: Dad, Mother,Charlie,Uncle Hendrick,Mrs.Howard,Stirling Howard,Ruthie Smithens,Kit Settings:House,Attic,Work,CHICAGO

Rising Action:Kit's dad has businessman facing problems of the great depression. Climax:Kit's dad can't pay the house but kit dosen't give.

Falling Action:Kit helped his dad to look for a job were they can apccet him in a job.

Resolution:Kit's dad found a job also Kit was proud because she liked her new house.


This is a man

Kit's uncle is a steler because he wants to take every thing away from Kits dad also uncle Hendrick want's Kit dad not to have nothing of work to steel their house so Kit's dad need to go to CHICAGO for a work so then they have to leave then kit meet new friends and her friends name was Ruthie Smithens .

Theme ,Text Evidence

Don't use people to take their work only because they have more money it dosen't mean nothing that you just can't have it you need to make the effort for that.


Uncle Hendrick vs. Kit''s dad

Uncle Hendrick is mean because he wants to take his son's work so he want's his sun to llive to another State

Kit's dad didn't wanted to lose his job because he likes his house and were he lives it's a great place for everything and to pay bills it is not that expencive.

4 Facts about Historical time peroid:

She was born in 1934 in CINCINNATI ,OHIO

1) Kit is a tomboy she dosen't like pink or ruffles she cares more in baking.

2)Kit is a clever,resourceful girl who helps her family cope with the dark days of the depression.

3)Kit's family lived during the great depression.

4)Kit's best friend is a loyal understanding and generous.

Historical setting/event:

A event in my book is when Kit moved to CHICAGO she found a new school,friends,house her family went to see her and they gave her presents she liked to read books.

setting was house, CHICAGO ,street's looking helping dad look for a work.

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