The amazing Big Bend National park

Makayla McGrath

Big Bend National park

If you want to see beautiful mountains , over 1,200 different species of plants , about 75 different types of species of animals , and have a good time , then come to Big Bend National Park ! The park is bigger than the whole state of Rhode Island ! So it's full of fun things to do !

What fun things can you do in Big Bend National Park ?


When you get the the park , you can start off with hiking and exploring the beautiful sites and seeing wildlife and a whole bunch of unique plants. After hiking and seeing breath taking views , cool down and go to Langford Hot Springs ! It feels like sitting in a hot tub , but better! You can still see astonishing views while relaxing. Or you could cool down by going boating or swimming! Come to have the time of your life at Big Bend National Park !


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