Come to Virginia!

By: Premi Mohanavelu

Physical Geography and Climate


Virginia has always been a very attractive place to settle. A tribe of Algonquian-speaking Native Americans, led by Chief Powhatan, lived in the area that would later be named Jamestown, Virginia. Britain was the first European country to explore Virginia. John Rolfe was one of the 105 passengers who landed in Jamestown on May 13, 1607. He was instrumental in the growth of Virginia by planting the tobacco plant. Since Virginia was the perfect place for agriculture, many colonists starting growing tobacco as a cash crop. The influence of John Rolfe can still be seen in the many tobacco plantations.

Landing at Jamestown

Thursday, April 26th 1607 at 9pm

Jamestown, Virginia, United States

Jamestown, VA

A ship containing the first 105 colonists of America drops its anchor on April 26, 1607. They had a brief skirmish with the local Indians but explore the James River.

We are Virginia!!!

When you decide to move to Virginia, please contact Captain James Cook or John Rolfe and they will assign you a plantation. We can't wait to have you :)