Take a Peek into Room 404

Week of November 18, 2013 and Week of November 25, 2013

Reader's Workshop

This week in reader's workshop we will continue to study our characters. We will think about how complicated characters can be when they change and behave in a way that is out of the ordinary. We will also think about the relationships the characters have with people and things. We will also explore point of view and how that adds to the understanding of the character. We will conclude with looking at what motivates our character.

The kids have really been into our mentor texts for this unit called Tiger Rising by Kate Dicamillo. I encourage you to ask your child about this book and what they know about it. There is a lot of symbolism in the book. We are still trying to understand what that exactly means and which parts of the text are literal or figurative. There have been some amazing conversations around this book and the kids are excited each day we read more!

Writer's Workshop

In writer's workshop we will continue our expository unit. We are going to take this piece through the writing process, so we begin with planning after brainstorming last week. We will choose a topic we are already and expert on, then brainstorm what we know about that topic. After that, we will categorize each item under "main idea" topics. This will help us structure our expository piece well.

We also have a graphic organizer we will introduce this week in order to plan for the expository piece. We call it the s'more (with lots of chocolate of course!). We will plan our piece using this structure. The hope is that the students will see the value in planning with this organizer, and use it every time when they are writing expository.

Important Information

  • Chess and Scrabble
  • Choir Cats


  • Picture Retakes


  • Dollar Dress-up Day: Sports (bring $1 to contribute towards the PC scholarship fund if you dress up!)


  • Spirit Stick-SCARF DAY! Wear a scarf so we can win the spirit stick!


  • Castle Day-we still need more items! Anything-clean trash, craft supplies, construction paper, hot glue sticks... anything the kids can be creative with!


  • Special Person's Day (Science Fair) 11:15-11:45

Wednesday-Friday (HOLIDAY)

Happy Thanksgiving!