Media Literacy

Ramon Andrews

What is Media and what does it mean to be Media Literate

When I think of media, I automatically think of the internet. To me media is somewhat similar to data because media can be something that is stored information about something. Media can be different types of social networks, or maybe even music. For example when you tweet something or look something up on Google that’s media because it was done on the internet. Also I think that media can something someone told you or a teacher teaching a lesson about something. It could be media because its information that is told to you that you have to remember. Media can have many different definitions to everyone, and also many different examples as to what media means. This is just what I think media means to me. When I hear media literate I think of being able to understand media in general. Media literacy isn't something that I hear every day so I don’t automatically know what media literate is, I’m just giving my best guess as to what it is. So to be media literate you have to know what media is. Just like media, media literate most likely has to do with social networks, computers, and different types of software. I think it’s being able to understand the different types of software, also how computers function/work, and with social networks saying how each one was made with what types of software. To me this is what being media literate is, it may not be right but I’m just giving my best shot at what it might mean.

Anaylze Commercial

Geico Commercial

Geico insurance in the commercial, "Geico Motorcycle - Morph" explains that if people join there insurance then they will be able to get the motorcycle they want instead of what they can afford. Geico gets there point across by providing examples of how you could get the motorcycle you've been dreaming of such as, the process will be quick and you can have your bike in no time. The company's purpose is to show society that you will make a huge benefit if you switch your insurance to Geico. This insurance company speaks in a formal accent for people who want a motorcycle that they have always wanted but could never get a chance to pay for it.
GEICO Motorcycle - Morph

A Modest Proposal

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There are a lot of issues that go on in the world today, and some of them are blown out of proportion which makes people think that it is worse than it really is. Most of the time there are solutions to each problem we may have, some might be harder than others but there is no need to make it seem bigger than it really is. Some examples that are tough to take care of were slavery, employment rates, and first aid. Slavery was a huge problem back in the 1900’s but eventually it was solved, not entirely but enough of it was. Other problems such as employment rates and first aid are still currently going on within the world today because not everyone has the right background to get a job and also not everyone makes money, enough money to pay for it. One problem that has seemed to be dragged out recently is the disease known as Ebola. Ebola has been around the world for many years but suddenly people assume that it just started to come around. With that being said doctors and medical examiners are bringing their patients over to America which is causing the disease to spread. You would think that doctors out of everyone would know not to bring their patients overseas because that’s how things get passed around. Right then and there the problem could’ve been stopped if they didn’t bring their patient over to America, instead of doing that the disease gets passed around more and then that person travels to different states which just makes everything worse than it should be.
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Biggest Fear

smore #4

I think it all started when I used to live in New York when I was a little kid. Every year there would be a carnival that came to the church I used to go to and I never was able to go to it because my mom always had something planned to do already. One year when I was about 6 or 7 years old my dad was able to take me since I never went. Of course the first thing I wanted to go on was the Ferris wheel because it looked so cool, and how it was so tall in the sky and you could see over all the buildings. Well after standing in line for probably about 20 minutes I finally got to get on the ride. It was me, my sister and my stepsister all in one seat, since we were the only ones that wanted to go on the ride. Once we got on the ride and we started slowly going to the top in my head I’m thinking this is so awesome I get to see everything, but once we got mid-way my heart started beating so fast and I started hyper ventilating. All I could do was look at the ground and the first thing that popped in my head was what if I slip out and die, and before you know it the ride stopped. I had no clue what was going on and I literally almost started tearing up and also my flip flops almost fell into the middle of the Ferris wheel. We were all up there for a good bit of time so I thought that the ride got stuck, while I’m still sitting there with barely any air to breathe I started saying I’m going to die up here. Besides that the seat carrier thing that we were in was shaking back and forth once the Ferris wheel stopped moving, and when I thought things couldn’t get any worse my flip flop almost fell down in the middle of the ride. Luckily I got it back on before it started moving again and I immediately got off and said that I’m never going back on another Ferris wheel again. If there was one person that I would put in my situation it would probably be my uncle because he makes fun of me because I’m afraid of heights, well when I was younger.

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Historical Event that Changed the world

smore #5

One event that changed the course of the world was the attack on the world trade center September 11, 2001. This event changed the world because of how many people were killed during this attack. When something like this happens in the world it cannot be forgotten, but clearly since it doesn’t look right for Oceania the ministry of truth thinks it is okay to try and erase everything that happened. This is something that people should know about for decades and still remember everything about it because everyone will still talk about it every time September 11 comes around....
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Texting and Driving

Friday, Nov. 28th, 7pm

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Washington, DC

Spoken Word

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A Trend in Society that is Dystophia

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In the world we live there are many different things that can be seen as dystopian. With those little things society thinks that it is so cool to do, and that if people know you do those certain things you may be known as popular among your friends. It’s the stupid things that can get you locked up or maybe even killed, but no one cares because if your friend does it then you are going want to do it to. Some examples might be underage drinking, smoking marijuana, or being in a gang. For some mistaken reason people, especially teenagers think that it’s okay to do these kind of things knowing that it’s illegal. One reason that seems to be very popular nowadays is underage drinking. Underage drinking is when any person under the age of 21 drinks alcohol. Usually the people who drink alcohol underage don’t care about anything like their grades, they might be stressed, or they just do it because they think that it’s cool. In most cases you will find teens drinking at parties or whenever there with a lot of people. This is dystopia because society believes that if you drink underage then you will become cool and have a lot of friends. When in reality if you drink underage then you are just a low life that has nothing better to do. This is just one example of dystopia, there are many other different examples only because this world is corrupted in a lot of ways.

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Gary Jules-Mad World (song + lyrics)

Why the song Mad World relates to 1984

The song “Mad World” by Gary Jules resembles the novel 1984 in many different ways, it may also be seen as a theme song for this book. For starters in 1984 the books shows you how corrupted their world is. Also they show you how everyday they do basically the same thing and if you try to do anything different you might be seen as committing a crime. One reason how this song could a theme song is because of the title “Mad World”. Right there in the title explains the book in two simple words. The title of the song resembles the book because that’s the kind of world that Winston was living in, having to look over his shoulder every second to see if there is a telescreen somewhere or if the thoughtpolice was following him. One line that really makes this the perfect theme song is the very first line in the song “All around me are familiar places, warn out faces, warn out faces”. That line represents how every day in Oceania they do the same thing, go to the same places, and see the same people. In that world there is nothing that will make you feel different from anyone that’s why this song can be used as a theme song for 1984.

What I Learned in Media Literacy

In this media literacy class I’ve learned a few things that I should and should not do. One thing that I did learn was that I should always come to school on time. Also that if you live a life without taking a language arts class when you’re in high school then you might not know how to act when you get older. One thing that I learned that I shouldn’t do is to sleep in class, only because once you sleep you miss everything that is being taught. Then once it’s time to write an essay you won’t know what is going on in the class. Speaking from self-experience when you sleep in class, especially in this class you either get a high grade or a failing grade. Since all the work is done in class and there is no homework there really shouldn’t be any reason why you would fail this class unlike me if you fall asleep every day. One thing that I am taking with me when I leave this class is that reading helps with everything. For example reading articles, different kinds of novels, and also watching the news. Reading these different kinds of things helps you know what is going on with this world today, and it gives you new information in your head every day. This class is different than most language arts classes because there is no vocab, no journals to write about every day, and especially no homework. By not having these things in this class should make this class relatively simple. Some things that could be done differently might be to do more assignments that make us move around and not sit at a desk all day. Another thing that could be different is that if you compile a bunch of questions on a novel and play jeopardy, that way it’s fun and we get to study at the same time.