IOS 7 Update

Not a good update

My claim

My support of whether I would tell someone to update their Iphone is that they probably shouldn't. My opinion is that there are way more negatives things about the update, that just overwhelm the positive features.On this flyer I didn't even list all of the things I found that people did not like about the update, unlike the positives where I just tried to find as many as I could which isn't a lot. Now I have experienced the update first hand on my Ipad and all of the negatives that I listed were problems I found after updating my device.

Positives about the update

  • iOS users may shut out unwanted texts, phone calls, or FaceTime requests by opening the contact info of someone they want to block and tapping a button
  • Depending on how you interact with your phone, this little feature could change the way you share files between friends and family. Using both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, users can securely swap photos, videos, emails, and other files if they're near one another.
  • The new control center is addjusted to just slide your finger up.
  • A new time-saving control center slides up from the bottom of the screen for easy access to basic settings such as brightness and Airplane Mode. It has shortcuts for the flashlight, timer, calculator and camera.
  • The Siri voice-search tool adds an option for male voice, defaults to Bing for Web searches and pulls in results from Twitter and Wikipedia.

Negatives about the update

  • Many people are finding iOS 7 is more power hungry than iOS 6 was.
  • A lot of people have found that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions are not working properly after the update to iOS 7. They may appear greyed out in Settings and either won’t toggle on or appear to toggle on, but turn straight off again.
  • This one seems to be a problem for iPhone 4 owners, but it may not be limited to that model. Sufferers have been complaining about lag with iOS 7 in general, but also some serious delays when typing on the virtual keyboard.
  • Some people have found that the iTunes Store app on their iPhone crashes when they try to open it.
  • Many people have encountered issues with FaceTime and/or iMessage not working after the iOS 7 update.
  • Some people have been complaining about random freezing on their iPhone after the update. It doesn’t seem to be confined to a specific model.
  • There is a way to bypass the lock screen.
  • Many users have encountered issues with apps like Mailbox and Snapchat logging them out. App developers are working on fixes and seem to be in agreement that the way iOS 7’s background refresh works is the problem.
  • Some people found that they had hundreds or even thousands of unread emails after updating to iOS 7. This problem seems to be particularly common for Gmail users, but it can occur with other email accounts.
  • A few people have reported that their iPhone won’t turn on at all after installing the recent update. Plugging in the charger doesn’t seem to have any effect. In some cases, there’s no recognition when plugging into a computer and trying to connect to iTunes either.
  • A lot of people have reported motion sickness issues with the new iOS 7 platform. The parallax effect, bright icons, and all the zooming transitions can prove to be a bit much and may cause nausea or dizziness.
  • There have been a few problems reported with the speakers on Apple devices after the iOS 7 update. Some people are suffering with no audio from the speaker, some report that audio is only gone when playing media, and for some people it’s not working with headphones either.