I am going to tell you about art. Such as:Picasso's life and more! I recommend this for artist, or if you want to be a artist,if you like art,or even if you don't like art.

P.S.I am an artist too!


Piccaso is one of the famous artist artist who ever lived in most peoples eyes. His first and last name is Pablo Piccaso. Pablo went thought different stages in art. One of his most famous stage is his blue stage. In one of the paintings was a picture of a man whereing ragey close. A weird thing about Pablo Piccaso is that he had a lot of wifes. Another weird thing is that drew alot of naked people. I gess that is just what people did back then.

What Is Art

Art is a way expressing your emotions. Like how we just talked about how Piccaso painted a picture about his best friend dieing. Art is also about having fun. That's why most people do it.Cooking can be a art to.Like make a donut. Alot of people like donut. I like them alot.Jewelry is art to. When you make jewelry you use designs,color,and patterns.

P.S.When I making this I was expressing my emotions, having fun, cooking, using patters and color, so I was painting a picture.


Artist mostly listen to old music. Such as:The rolling stones, Pink Flowed, or classical music. They mostly listen to the rolling stone because the tune can make artist fell different emotions depending what the song is. Diffrent songs make artist fell or see different things then most people .I wanted to tell you this because different people see different things depending who they are as person or what they like.
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About the athour

Hi! I'm Violet. As you can tell I am a artist!My best friend is Gracie Plimpton. We will be friends forever .ÜI am 10.

P.S.I like playing with my hair.Ü

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ME AND MY BEST FRIEND{I'm the one with glasses}