By: Michaela Clark

Two Main Issues Caused by Wild Fires

In order for a forest fire to be put out it cost lots of money. The USDA Forest Service was forced to transfer more than $1 billion to pay for fighting wildfires. "In the same three years the Department of the Interior transferred nearly $60 million to cover the cost of fighting fires."

Another main issue is that its always wildfire season somewhere in the United States. "More than 100,000 wildfires clear 4 million to 5 million acres of land in the U.S. every year." A wildfire can move up to a speed of 40 miles an hour destroying everything in its path.

Negative Effects

Wild fires can have many negative effects. For example wild fires can destroy homes, lives, and millions of acres of forest. If heavy rain occurs after a fire there will be landslides, ash flows, and flash flooding that can damage property.

Main Regions in North America that are Affected by Wild Fires

The main regions in North America that are affected by wild fires is up in the North. In Washington there are lots of trees and mountains leading to a higher percentage of wild fires.

Wildlife that is Affected

During a wildfire many animals can be affected. For example deer, rabbits, squirrels, and basically any animal that lives where the wild fire is occurring.

How Wildlife is Affected

Wild life is also effected by wildfires. Wildfires can cause animals to leave their home and can even kill animals.

Wildfires in League City

Wild fires do not affect our lives here in League City. In League City today many buildings and houses are being built, leading to more trees being cut down, making it less likely for wild fires to occur. Although there are still a lot of trees left in League City so it is still possible that a wildfire can occur just not as likely.

People Affected by Wildfires

Yes people are affected by wildfires. Wildfires can destroy peoples homes, crops, animals, and maybe their jobs.

Who or What Causes Wildfires to Occur

Humans cause 90 percent of wildfires in the United States. These wildfires can occur because of campfires left unattended, the burning of debris, negligently discarded cigarettes and internal acts of arson. The other 10 percent are caused by lightning or lava.

Solutions to Wildfires

The solutions to wildfires is in most cases water. In some places there can be extreme fires in which firefighters use tons of water to put a forest fire to an end.

My solution to a Wild Fire

My solution to putting out a wild fire is using airplanes that are filled with water to fly over the forest fire and open the bottom of the airplane releasing water over the fire putting it to an end. This solution is not able to be implemented now because it cost a lot of money to have an airplane filled with tons of water.
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