Domenikos Theotokopoulos(El Greco)


The Biography of El Greco

  • Lived from 1541-1614
  • Was born in Crete, Greece
  • El Greco spent most of his life in Venice, Italy and Toledo, Spain
  • A pupil of Titian
  • Was a man of great culture who was familiar with Greek, Italian, Latin, and Spanish literature
  • He created amazing paintings
  • Some of his works are Christ Carrying the Cross, Saint Paul, and The Adoration of the Shepherds
  • His patrons were the painters guild and the people who bought his artwork

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His Work

  • The name of this piece of artwork Saint Veronica with the Sudarium
  • This was created from the years 1577-1580
  • This piece of artwork can be located in several museums in Spain and Italy.
  • The significance of this artwork is that this depicted the face-cloth that bears a resemblance to Christ that was not man-made
  • I find this piece interesting because I am very religious and it intrigues me that in this period of time, the people were very religious and made beautiful paintings from religion
  • This piece of artwork can revolve around skepticism because it makes you question reality and religion.

Some of his artwork


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AR: El Greco

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AR: El Greco

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AR: El Greco

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