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Welcome to Deer Creek's Principal Post: 6|3|16

What to do with all of this free time?

Teachers are, at times, a much-maligned and misunderstood community. I'll admit, I was offended when a close friend asked me yesterday, "Verwolf, school is out. What are you going to do with all of your free time?" Ugh, how to respond without sounding like a proud "busy person". I told him about a few trips Rachel and I are planning and left it at that.

I trust your finding rest and joy in this change of daily routine -- even if your new routine is not filled with "free time".

I'm excited to get our move on! Hope to see you Saturday!!

A few ideas to chew on

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Job Opportunities at Deer Creek

On The Docket

Saturday, June 4 - MOVING DAY

Monday, June 6

Tuesday, June 7

Wednesday, June 8 - MOVING DAY

Thursday, June 9 - School Board Meeting

Friday, June 10

Saturday, June 11 - MOVING DAY

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Keys to our new school are in! Please coordinate a time to collect them.

Uniform Policy Changes

Next week we'll be sending home information about the changes we're making to our uniform policy for the upcoming school year. You will be included in this communication. Let's study the standards for dress carefully as we're the leaders enforcing the expectations. If any thing is unclear, let's chat.

Class Schedule

Working hard to finalize our master schedule for the upcoming school year. It's a puzzle. :-) Please be patient - it's likely that we won't be ready to publish until staffing, middle school room assignments, and the 'big move' is over.


We're excited to learn more about utilizing Sycamore (our current student management system) to its max potential as its capabilities are exactly what we need for the future -- especially considering its improving integration with Google. Some good reading, here.

Please commit to playing around with Sycamore and learn more about how we can use it as a tool to enhance student learning and communication.

Have a good one, team!