Endangered Species

The Black howler monkey

the Alouatta pigra (Mexican black howler monkey)

Howlers are among the largest monkeys in the Americas, and the Guatemalan black howler (Alouatta pigra) is among the largest of the genus. The Guatemalan black howler has a notably long, silky, dense coat of black fur with traces of brown on the shoulders, cheeks and back. A slight crest exists on the crown, and males over the age of four months have a conspicuous white scrotum . The arms and legs are long but stout, and the tail is prehensile, lacks hair on its underside, and is used like a fifth limb to grasp branches and anchor the body.

Sizes. Male head-and-body length: 67 - 71 cm (2)Female head-and-body length: 52 - 64 cm (2)Male tail length: 60 - 67 cm (2)Female tail length: 50 - 54 cm (2)Male weight: c. 11.4 kg (2)Female weight: c. 6.4 kg (2)