by Martin Higgins


- (45*58'35''N 7*39'50''E)

- Located in the Pennine Alps

- On the border of Switzerland and Italy

- Zermatt to the north-east, Breuil-Cervinia to the south

- Theodul Pass to the east


- 14,690 ft (4,478 m) tall

- Faces the 4 compass points

- Rises above the surrounding glaciers

- One of the deadliest peaks in the Alps, between 1865- 1995, 500 climbers died

- Rapid weather changes common because it is an isolated mountain

- Prone to the formatin of banner clouds

Human Environment Interaction


- Electric cars (main source of transportation in the surrounding towns)

- Railways (main way in and out)

- Cable cars (connects the surrounding peaks)

- Hiking (brings in a good amount of money/ tourism)

- Skiing (major economic source)


- Pennine Alps

- Alps Mountain Range

- Switzerland, Italy

- Southeastern Europe

- Northeastern Hemisphere

- Close to the Mediterranean Sea