Wayne Hartung

President of Marshall Auto Painting and Collision

Business President Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung has always had the heart of a business man. As a young adult, he became an entrepreneur at just age 19. He founded his first company while he was a university student attending the University of Alabama. The first business Wayne Hartung founded was Hartung Commercial Properties, INC. As founder of the company, he immediately began to understand the duties and responsibilities of a business owner and grew to meet those challenges.

Wayne Hartung is the President of two companies; the one he founded as a young professional, and one he later took over as a seasoned working adult. While Wayne Hartung’s first business was created in 1988, it was in 1998 that he became President of Marshall Auto Painting and Collision. He joined the automotive repair company when he was just 24 years old and managed to grow the company from five locations to 77. It was also during those two years that Wayne Hartung managed to work up to the position of Vice President.

As the President of two small businesses, Wayne Hartung understands both the challenges and rewards small business owners face on a daily basis. Because he started his career at such a young age, Wayne Hartung has been recognized for his business successes and achievements multiple times. Wayne Hartung’s work history is so impressive he was asked to represent business needs to Congress.

Wayne Hartung encourages people to start their own business if they have the drive. While it is work, Wayne Hartung is proof success in business even as a teenager is possible. Wayne Hartung continues to operate both companies as President well into 2013. Not only is he as successful business owner, but he operates quality businesses too. Wayne Hartung is proud as President of Marshall Auto Painting and Collision that his company maintains an A+ rating with the BBB.

Wayne Hartung Brings Life Back to Automotives

Automotive collisions happen and the extent of the damage may be minimal to severe. Just as you would expect, the amount of damage done to a vehicle affects how much needs to be corrected and fixed during repairs. Wayne Hartung is very familiar with repairing vehicles because when he was only 24 years old, he joined an automotive repair company.

Wayne Hartung joined an automotive repair company that had five locations. While the company was small, Wayne Hartung knew he could grow the company. In two years time, Wayne Hartung had grown within the company to the position of Vice President and took the company from five locations to 77. Additionally, the company under Wayne Hartung’s leadership grew to Fortune 500 status.

Wayne Hartung knows automotive repairs will always be needed. While accidents happen in all types of weather, unfavorable weather conditions result in more work for collision shops. Wayne Hartung became President of Marshall Auto Painting and Collision in 1998. As President, Wayne Hartung wanted to give his customers the best service possible. As a result, the company maintains their great rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Repainting a car is a great way to bring back a youthful appearance. Wayne Hartung knew that his business would grow if he offered to paint more than just cars and trucks, so his company also repaints semis and RVs. While some of his customers come in hoping to change the color of their vehicles, most come in to fix or cover up water damage or paint chips.

Wayne Hartung operates his business to meet the needs of his customers. When it comes to his paint services, he designed the services to meet his customers’ needs and budget. His business practice and leadership makes him a powerful business leader and successful entrepreneur.

Business Leadership Demonstrated by Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung is now a seasoned business professional, but he did not always start off that way. Wayne Hartung was never certain how successful he would be as a business leader but it was something he dreamed of achieving from an early age. Wayne Hartung always understood the importance of self-motivation and he was rewarded with the title of entrepreneur at age 19.

It was when he was just 19 years old and still a university student that Wayne Hartung founded Hartung Commercial Properties. The company buys, sells, and leases commercial real estate and was founded by Wayne Hartung in his home state of Alabama. Wayne Hartung founded the commercial real estate company in 1988, but it was a decade later that he would again prove his ability to lead.

When Wayne Hartung was 24, he joined an automotive repair company. The company he joined had five locations but within two years, Wayne Hartung climbed the ranks to the position of Vice President and took the company to Fortune 500 status with 77 repair locations. Wayne Hartung became the President of Marshall Auto Painting and Collision in 1998, and continued to operate his business with a strong sense of customer service and quality work.

Wayne Hartung understands well the needs of small businesses. It was what allowed him to grow the automotive repair company in such a short amount of time. For his work and success as a leader, Wayne Hartung was appointed by Senator Tom Delay as the small business delegate for lower Alabama. As the small business delegate, Wayne Hartung represented the needs of businesses and their concerns to Congress. As part of his role, Wayne Hartung worked with legislators to obtain grants for small businesses. Wayne Hartung’s ability to perform his role as business delegate effectively came from his own experience as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Wayne Hartung Grows Company

Talent comes at all ages. Some people are able to achieve great things at a young age while others hit their prime later in life. Wayne Hartung is one individual who was blessed with success early into his career. Wayne Hartung’s ability to understand the needs of business is easily recognizable when you take a quick look at his own career.

Wayne Hartung entered the world of business early. He became an entrepreneur before he was 20 when he founded a commercial real estate company in Alabama. By age 24, Wayne Hartung had joined an automotive repair company. Although the company was relatively small, Wayne Hartung saw it had tremendous potential.

Being new to the company, Wayne Hartung had a vision others in the company didn’t possess. Within two years, Wayne Hartung’s skills in business and leadership quality enabled him to climb the corporate ladder. In just two years time, Wayne Hartung became the company’s Vice President. It was as Vice President that Wayne Hartung helped the company grow.

Originally, the automotive repair company had five locations. While this is not necessarily a small business, it is not large either. Wayne Hartung, as Vice President, took the company from a small local business to the status of a Fortune 500 company. It was also thanks to Wayne Hartung’s knowledge and skill that the company grew to 77 locations across multiple states.

Wayne Hartung has always been confident in his business abilities. It is what makes him such a strong and dependable business leader. Wayne Hartung is proud to be a young entrepreneur and the President of two companies. When Wayne Hartung founded his first company, he was a university student. Today, Wayne Hartung believes education is important, but equally important to him is the ability to lead others and to envision a direction for company growth and prosperity.

Rapid Company Growth Achieved by Wayne Hartung

Many successful business leaders say they were confident in their abilities and that confidence is what made them achieve great things. While every business has ups and downs, there are some business owners and leaders who are determined and confident in the growth of their company. Wayne Hartung is one of these confident business leaders.

Wayne Hartung’s confidence can be found in his own abilities and experience. America loves entrepreneurs and Wayne Hartung became one when he was a teenager. When he was 19, Wayne Hartung founded his own business. He continues to head the business as President today.

At age 24, Wayne Hartung was well on his way to even more success in business. He joined an automotive collision company and soon, working his way into a corporate position. Two years after joining the company, Wayne Hartung was the company’s Vice President. Originally, the company had five collision locations. Wayne Hartung rapidly grew the company from five locations to 77. Even more impressive, Wayne Hartung grew the company across state lines. His company had collision locations across the United States and held the status of a Fortune 500 company.

Wayne Hartung believes success in business is possible when you understand the needs of your business and its future potential. When Wayne Hartung was asked to represent the needs of small business before Congress, he agreed. Working as a delegate for businesses was important to Wayne Hartung because as an entrepreneur and business leader, he understood there are times business leaders and visionaries need help. As a delegate, Wayne Hartung helped to obtain grants for small and minority businesses.

In 2013, Wayne Hartung is still a successful business leader. He will always be an entrepreneur at heart and he looks forward to the growth of his company. Wayne Hartung is President of Hartung Commercial Properties and Marshall Auto Painting and Collision.

Collision Company Grown by Wayne Hartung

Businesses grow at different speeds. The variables for what motivates business growth vary across the board and industry but Wayne Hartung understood what was needed to grow the company he worked for. When he was only 24 years old, Wayne Hartung joined a collision company with only five collision centers.

With five collision centers, the company that hired Wayne Hartung was considered small. Skilled in business, Wayne Hartung saw great potential for the company and knew he would be the one to facilitate rapid business growth. Wayne Hartung quickly utilized his personal and professional skills to grow his own position within the company.

Two years after joining the company, Wayne Hartung became the company’s Vice President. With a position of respect and someone people would listen to, Wayne Hartung drew up the plans to grow and expand the company into new potential markets. Wayne Hartung’s business plan was sound and his plan for expansion and growth was put to work. Soon, Wayne Hartung saw the plans for growth play out just as he had envisioned.

During the tenure of Wayne Hartung, the collision company grew from five collision centers to 77. The small business that had hired Wayne Hartung had been replaced with a large collision company with a Fortune 500 status. The rapid growth of the company was the result of Wayne Hartung’s vision and action. Without Wayne Hartung, the company would not have reached the size it achieved in such a short time.

Wayne Hartung’s skills as a small business leader were recognized by more than just the company that hired him. Senator Tom Delay requested Wayne Hartung represent the needs of small businesses before Congress. After Wayne Hartung accepted the position, he became a delegate for small businesses across lower Alabama. Through Wayne Hartung, small businesses gained a voice in Congress.

Wayne Hartung Brings Business to Congress

Without a doubt, government is an important entity. The government controls billions of dollars and many industries lobby so their industries will benefit from government funds and projects. Often, small businesses feel powerless to get their needs and concerns before Congress, but there are still people ready to fight for the men and women who are small business owners.

While most may not be familiar with his name, Wayne Hartung worked to get the concerns of small business owners across the country before Congress. He felt qualified to do so because Wayne Hartung himself is an entrepreneur and business owner. He founded his first business as a university student and became the President of a paint and collision company in 1998.

Wayne Hartung was recognized for his own success in business in Alabama by Senator Tom Delay. It was Senator Tom Delay who asked Wayne Hartung to be the small business delegate for lower Alabama. Honored to be asked, Wayne Hartung agreed. As the delegate, Wayne Hartung represented business needs and concerns to Congress. In addition to raising small business concerns, Wayne Hartung worked with legislators to obtain grants for small and minority businesses.

Even though small business owners may feel powerless by themselves, together, they make a strong and powerful group. Many senators rely on small business owners to support them and they make promises to small business owners that they may or may not keep. As a small business delegate, Wayne Hartung worked continuously to make sure Congress did not forget their promises to help their small business constituents. That is why Wayne Hartung worked with the legislators to help small business owners get grants for their businesses. As a business owner himself, Wayne Hartung understands how important and critical grants and loans are for continued operation and growth.

Small Business Grants and Wayne Hartung

Companies of all sizes use money to get business goals accomplished. If a company or business has enough money to purchase new locations for business expansion or purchase necessary business equipment that is wonderful. However, many companies and businesses turn to grants or business loans to make everyday operations possible. There are a number of business grants available but acceptance comes down to a number of factors.

Wayne Hartung is a business professional who started his career off as an entrepreneur at just 19 years old. He attended university and at the age of 26, became the Vice President of a collision company in Alabama. He grew the company and expanded it to 77 collision center locations across multiple states.

Wayne Hartung was recognized as a leader and expert in business. With a reputation for success, he was asked by Senator Tom Delay to be a delegate for small businesses in lower Alabama. After his appointment, Wayne Hartung worked with legislators to obtain grants for small businesses and minority businesses. To Wayne Hartung, the years he spent as a small business delegate defined his career as an expert businessman.

Wayne Hartung grew to understand the workings of Congress as a delegate. He also learned that government is not as cut and dry as most people expect. There is a lot of work involved in operating government and representing constituents from a number of industries. However, Wayne Hartung kept his focus on those he helped to represent. As a business owner in Alabama, Wayne Hartung stuck to his guns and worked to help those in his own in and around his home community.

Wayne Hartung prays for the success of all small business owners. He understands the concerns and needs of small businesses and worries of each entrepreneur. Wayne Hartung worked hard as a delegate so that small business owners could get the grants necessary to start and operate their businesses.

Wayne Hartung Climbs Company Ladder

There are a number of tips available online for how to be recognized within a company and climb the corporate ranks. In large companies, this may be more difficult because there is more competition and many employees who are equally, if not more qualified than others for the position. Sometimes, it comes down to personal skill and personality over education.

Wayne Hartung had no problem climbing the corporate ladder when he was in his mid-20’s. Wayne Hartung didn’t join a large company. When he was 24, he joined a collision company that had five collision center locations. When he joined the company, he already had attended university and possessed experience in business leadership. Wayne Hartung’s experience as a business leader and visionary was cemented when he founded his own company at age 19.

With skills in a business leadership position demonstrated by the founding of his commercial real estate company, Wayne Hartung climbed the ranks of authority within the company and became the company’s Vice President in only two years. From the outside, the quick rise of power within the company seems astounding but to Wayne Hartung, it was the reward for his natural talent, skill, and hard work.

Wayne Hartung accomplished a lot as the company’s Vice President. He grew the company from five locations to 77. Not only did the company grow rapidly in its home state of Alabama, but Wayne Hartung expanded the company across state borders. The company also went from a small business, to the status of a Fortune 500 company.

In 1998, Wayne Hartung became President of Marshall Auto Painting and Collision. The prime focus of the company is painting. The company paints cars, trucks, RVs, and semis. Wayne Hartung loves is job and is naturally talented in business. He has received recognitions for his leadership in business and even worked as a small business delegate before Congress.