History Of Africa

By: Cade Wallace

Test Your Knowledge On The Colonization And Slave Trade Of Africa With This Ten Question Quiz!

Lets see if you really know about the Colonization and Slave Trade of Africa! If you want to see you got it right then go down to the bottom of this flyer and you can find your anwsers there. Remember, you cant go down UNTIL you answer them. Good Luck!

1. What was the trip to the New World to Africa called?

2. Did the Europeans treat their slaves well?

3. What country started the Transatlantic Slave Trade? Hint: It's in Europe.

4.What is colonialism?

5. What role did colonialism play in the Transatlantic slave trade?

6. What happened to African Americans who became slaves? What happend to their family's?

7. Why did North America want slaves from Africa?

8. Why did Europeans colonize Africa?

9. How did slaves get to the New World? What conditions did the slaves get during the trip the New World?

10. What country's in Africa never got colonized by European country's?

Apartheid In South Africa!

Apartheid was everywhere back in 1900's in South Africa. If you don't know what Apartheid is, it was a system that separated people based on their race such as Asians, blacks, and whites. Apartheid caused many riots and lots of angry people. Now you might be wondering, who would create a system like this. Well, back in 1910 the British had just claimed South Africa as their own. The British set up a whole new government who were ran strictly by people with white skin. These people who ran the government made the system Apartheid. Many people protested this new system because It separated people and made other races more superior than one race. Examples of this is how whites got better schools then blacks did. Another example is how blacks could not vote and had to go to separate schools,restaurants, and even different hospitals than white. Many years went by until a man named F.W. de Klerk stepped up and helped end Apartheid for good. A symbol that Apartheid had ended was when Nelson Mandela, a black person who had been sentenced to prison for twenty seven years for fighting apartheid, became president in 1994. This was a huge accomplishment for he was the first black president in South Africa. While many people were glad that apartheid was getting to a end, many whites felt that apartheid should still be around. Ever since Nelson Mandela became president, he has been working to make a equal South Africa where everyone is treated the same. Because in the inside, were all the same.

21st Century Issues In Africa.

Modern day countries in Africa face many challenges and many issues. There are three country's that stand out more which are Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. Each country's have different problems and different statistics for death rates, birth rates, poverty rates, and what type of diseases they have. For starters, Nigeria has a birth rate of 37.64 of 1,000 people and have a death rate of 12.9 of 1,000 people. This means that the country's is getting more and more people which could be a cause of poverty do to too many people. Nigeria also has a poverty rate of a stunning 70% which means there is a lot of poverty. Nigeria also dose have many infection diseases such as Malaria and Yellow Fever. Now that we know all about Nigeria and it's problems, lets move onto Kenya.

Kenya has a birth rate of 26.4 births per thousand and a death rate of 6.98 deaths per thousand which means they are a growing country. Kenya also has a poverty rate of 43.4% which is pretty good because that means that even thought they are a growing country, more than half of Kenya's people are not poor. Kenya dose have a high infectious disease rate and you could get infected my malaria, dengue fever, and more. Now that we know all about Kenya's problems, it's time to move onto South Africa.

South Africa has a birth rare of 20.75 births per thousand and a death rate of 9.91 deaths per thousand people. This means that they are a growing country. South Africa's poverty rate is 35.9 which means that they are doing really well with a growing postulation. South Africa dose have a intermediate disease rate which means you wont have that high of a chance getting infected in South Africa. Overall South Africa handles their issues pretty well.

Now that you know all about these three country's and their problems, it's easy to see that South Africa handles their issues the best and doesn't have that many issues in the first place. It is also oblivious to see that Nigeria has the worst problems and cant handle their people. Overall these three country's have there ups and down's but it doesn't mean they cant handle their problems.

Independence In Africa!

All country's in Africa are now independent. But it wasn't easy getting that independence. Kenya,Nigeria, and South Africa got their independence but each one got it in a different way. So in this article we will be focusing on how these three country's go their independence.

All three country's got their independence around the same time which is 1950's and 1960's. After the British left, the country's of Africa had to decide the boundaries of each country. The country's of Africa ended up using the old colonial boundaries. Now, as I said before each country got it's independence in a different way. South Africa got their independence by standing up to apartheid and eventually getting the system to shut down and get their own independence. They did this by protesting, rioting, and other acts to show that they didn't like apartheid. Finally after many years of this on going protest, British forces left and they got their independence. Now that we know how South Africa got it's independence, lets see how Kenya got theirs

Kenya got their independence by protesting,rioting, and above all, the Mau Mau movement. The Mau Mau movement was a rebellion against British rule which lasted around 17 years! Most people who were involved in this rebellion went to prison but in the end it payed of. In 1964 Kenya was declared a free nation. As you can see Kenya got their independence a little bit more forcefully than South Africa. Now that we know how Kenya got their independence, lets see how Nigeria got their independence.

Nigeria got their independence very peacefully. At the time, independence movement's were happening all across Africa. People in Nigeria wee all ready wanting their independence so British forces leaned them to a self-government system. After more and more peaceful protesting Nigeria gained their independence. So overall Nigeria got their independence very peacefully.

So as you can see all three country's go their independence but in different ways. Some peaceful some not peaceful. Overall Nigeria got their independence the most peaceful while Kenya got their independence the most violent.

Answers For The Quiz!

1. The trip is called... Middle Passage!

2. No! They didn't treat them like people.

3. Portugal started the Transatlantic Slave Trade

4. Colonialism is when a nation controls another nation by force.

5. Colonialism played a huge role in Transatlantic Slave Trade. Whenever a country got control of another, they took a lot of the people and made them slaves. They also took all the resources they could find.

6. African Americans who became slaves went through a lot of stuff things that most of us couldn't handle. For one they endured a lot of pain and were normally starved because they didn't get fed much. As for the family, they normally got split up and never got to see them again because most slave's never returned back to Africa.

7. North America wanted slave from Africa because they were good farmers and most could handle the new diseases in North America.

8. Europeans colonized Africa because of their abundance of natural resources, getting slaves, and spreading their empire.

9. Slaves got to the New World by going on long boats that could hold many slaves. In the ship they were shackled to the walls and didn't get any personal space.

10. Liberia and Ethiopian never got colonized by Europeans.

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