Hello First Grader!

Dear First Grader,

Welcome to the new school year! My name is Miss. Toth and I will be working with your teacher, Mrs. Heiser for a part of the school year to help me become a better future teacher myself! I could not be more excited to be sharing this experience with you and your classmates! I am looking forward to making this the most memorable school year yet!

I have been thinking about meeting you and your classmates all summer and can hardly wait to finally meet each and everyone of you! Together we are going to go on new adventures in the world of learning!

I can not wait to get to know you better both as an individual and a student to figure out how to help you learn and grow into a first grader! Get ready to have a fantastic school year full of memories, learning, laughter and most of all fun!

Your Student Teacher,

Miss Toth :)

A Little About Me!

My Favorite Color: Yellow like sunshine

My Favorite Food: Cheese steaks with bacon. Yum!

Favorite Subject in School: Art and Reading

Family: I have one younger sister named Hailey, a Mommy and Daddy. Plus two puppies named Dixie and Daisy.

Hobby: I love to draw and paint. I also love to curl up with a good book!

My Favorite Candy: Sweetarts

My Favorite Season: Spring time

My Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Superhero: Iron Man