Dr. Gonzales

Not Surviving

Sixty-six, doctor in general practice, two heart attacks in the past five years, love literature and quotes extensively.

One upside of having Dr. Gonzales among the group is his background with medical practice. Since the island has very limited medical resources, small injuries could be fatal. He would be able to help with minor injuries that may will essential because there are limited survivors; as many people as possible need to survive. However, he will not be kept and gain a spot on the boat. He is sixty-six, which will may not be helpful if the group is stuck on the island for many years. As Dr. Gonzalez ages, he will be no use because he will be too old to work, unlike the other survivors who are young or middle-aged, in which they will be of more help in the future. Ironically, Dr. Gonzalez is in very poor health; he has had two heart attacks in the past five years. There is no doubt he will have more, and since they will land on a deserted island, there is no medical equipment. There's no doubt that Dr. Gonzales will die in the near future, which will be no help for the group of survivors. Clearly, Dr. Gonzales will not be getting a spot on the rescue raft.
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