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The turtle stayed the same size at 15 cm long, 13cm tall, and 9 cm wide.

The organism will eat sea grasses and catch insects.

The climate is humid, there are no extreme temperatures so there is no extreme adaptation. The turtle stays cool by keeping all of the cool air inside of its shell.

The turtle will catch its food and water by camouflaging with its environment and catching nearby insects.

There are often hurricanes so the turtle will burrow in some heavy rocks or hide in its shell.

It will camouflage with the sea grasses. And can either hide in its shell or in the grass to remain unseen by prey.

The turtle will hide its young in the grass under a rock.

Scientific Name

"Terra Turturibus" It means "Land turtle." Its common name is "Sea Grass Turtle."

Food Chain

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February 16, 2016
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Food Chain:
February 16, 2016

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