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Parties - A Way To Strengthen Social Bonds

It is a known fact that man is a social animal and due to the same, he has a tendency to search for newer ways to satiate his social needs. In fact, there are higher needs like recognition and prestige which are also indirectly a kind of social needs where a human being craves for praise and recognition. It is difficult for a human being to live his life without social bonding and that is where role of parties come in picture. Thus the next time you get a party invitation think of it as an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and the other person and not as a liability as it is men who make society and it is men who keep the societal bonds intact.

Parties are no different from celebrations and feasts which have been in existence since olden days. Parties are modern form of those gala celebrations which would take place during the olden times. The manner in which parties are being organized and hosted, have certainly gone through transformations but the main motive behind organizing parties indeed remains the same. It is no exaggeration to say that due to modern hectic lifestyle, the importance of parties and other kind of social gatherings have been gaining prominence because due to that, people get an excuse to take out time from their hectic schedule and they get to enjoy the company of their near and dear ones. Also, with the average income of people increasing day by day, the even small occasion becomes a reason for a grand party. Similarly, parties have become status symbols and a costly looking party invitation has become a symbol of the lavishness of the party.

There was a time when one would have to wait for an occasion or an achievement for organizing a party or throwing a bash. Organizing parties often would be considered as being extravagant. Time has changed now and so has changed the mind-set of the people. Now one doesn’t need to wait for a suitable occasion for throwing parties. One can host a party whenever one feels like. Earlier the main emphasis would be clearly on celebration of happiness or an achievement, now besides main purposes, one hosts a party for strengthening social bonds. In fact, there exist clans of people who don’t mind mixing personal affairs with business matters. Organizing a party for them is like fulfilling two motives with one party. Nevertheless, whatever is the current scenario, it is clear that organizing parties are in trend like never before.

Similarly, organizing a bash on such occasion also shows how important friends, relatives and others are for the family that throws the party. Equally, it also shows that the family believes in sharing the happiness with others and thus they end up making new friends who also contribute in doubling the happiness. Thus, it can be said that parties are an excellent means of keeping the societal bonds intact as these days people have become centric to their families and they do not even care for their neighbor.
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