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Minecraft is more then a game! Its a game where you have to survive againts all these diffrent creatures and make houses and eat food to survive. In creative you can build anything you want and you cannot die. And at night mobs (Monsters) come out here are the diffrent kinds of mobs (creeper) (spider) (zombie) (endermen) (skeleton) (zombiepig men) (spiderjockey) (ghast) (wither) (blaze) (slime) (magmaslime) (silverfish)

Buy it now its a fun game you can play with your friends!

When you buy minecraft you have to download the launcher first you download it then open it then it should come up with a thing saying your username and password type those in and log in. Then it should come up with minecraft menu saying Singleplayer Multiplayer and Options. If you want to play by your self click singleplayer if you wana play with your friends click multiplayer and if you need to change your brightness or somehting like that goto Options. Ask zane or harry if you want to know how to make a server of your own using hamchi. If you wana play on a server with your friend you goto find a server on a website here is a server called Itsharryandjerry here is the ip the ip is the thing you type in the bottom box in add server here is the Ip: itsharryandjerry.com play on it its really fun there is spleef sumo build it its all fun and games! :D

Its a really fun game but some times you might get a little sad when you die in it. :(

Ask Harry Zane and Nick for more about Minecraft!

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