Jake Arnold

About me...

My name is Jake Arnold. I was born March 4, 2002. I am eleven years old and attending White Oak Elementary School. I love sports and outdoor activities.I have played my whole life; in all, I have played 24 seasons of sports.

I have lots of family members one Brother named Matthew who is the oldest and I also have four pets Maggie, Georgia, peppers, and Tibby. I Am the youngest in the family. I also love going on vacation with my family. My parents names are Melanie and Rich Arnold.

I also love to go to sporting events like the Atlanta braves and the Falcons. My favorite colleges are the Georgia bulldogs and the Vanderbilt commodores. I want to get a baseball scholarship and get an engineering degree.

A day in the life...

It was one of my usual summer days I woke up around 7:30 and went down stairs to get my breakfast. I had my all-star Baseball tournament starting in about an hour. Sharon springs was hosting a tournament at their home field. It's our 3rd game of the series and the weathers been horrible so far. The coolest it's been is 102 degrees The first game our umpire passed out. And the second our catcher almost had A heat stroke. The dug outs were like an oven. Every day after a practice or a game me and my friend Mickey on the all-star team went to the pool. After we went to the pool we would go and eat dinner and get a goods night rest for the next day a triple header.

reflection of 2012...

The reason the year 2012 is so important to me is because it's the year I figured out want to do in life play baseball. I choose 2012 instead of the year that I started baseball in 2005, Because this was the year I excelled by playing all-stars and the next year moved up to majors, and next year hope to play travel ball. And that's why I choose 2012.