By: Leeza Keller

Sarah Hendrickson

Languages: English

Birth place: Salt Lake City, UT

Residence: Park City, UT




Education: High School

Marital Status: Single

Hobbies: Running, skiing, biking, reading, soccer

Birthday: Aug 1, 1994


Ski Club: Womens Ski Jumping USA

National Coach: Alan Alborn and Paolo Bernardi

Sarah Hendrickson

Sarah loves what she does and that's good because you have to love what you do for a living and she does. She has fun and that all that matters to her. It don't matter if its a win or not. All that matters to her is that she has fun doing and having a fun time with all of the people and her friends and family.

The Olympics!

Sarah has when on February 9, 2014. They only have 2 groups with the women. They only got 1 Bronze. So they only have 1 point. The lady's are in 13th. But the last place team is in the same thing they only have 1 point in Bronze and that team is Slovenia. But the lady's go again on February 11, 2014. So let's hope for the best in what they do.

The video of Sarah Hendrickson!

In this video of Sarah Hendrickson she is the one that wins. She takes home another win. She is really good at what she does and that is ski jumping. I think that she is really good at what I seen so far and lets hope that she wins this year.

American Sarah Hendrickson wins Ski Jump final at Oslo - Universal Sports
Sochi Olympics; Sarah Hendrickson U.S. women's ski jumping team; USANA Video

Ski Jumping

How do you ski jump? Well I'm going to tell you how to ski jump. Ski jumping is a sport in which skiers go down a take-off ramp, jump, and attempt to impress judges, who give points for style. The skis used for ski jumping are wide and long (102 to 108 in). When you are in the air your skis have to be like a V.

The ski jumping hill picture

In this is a picture picture of the ski jumping hill. What they have to go off of. I think that it is really big but to them its nothing because they are use to it. But the hills are all different they are all not the same. Some might be smaller but some might be bigger then others.


Sarah did not win the Olympics Lizzy Yarnold won. Sarah twitted it. But Sarah put up a fight. Sarah did really good because she still made it to the Olympics so she still is a won to me. Sarah did really good she is a really nice person.
Sarah Hendrickson | Sochi 2014 | Ski Jumping
Wind Tunnel Training w/ Ski Jumper Sarah Hendrickson 2013

Sarah in the Wind Tunnel

When Sarah was in the wind tunnel she got a lot of help from her coach. When she is out on the hill he can not help her like when she is in the wind tunnel like he did. I think that is really cool because they can try new things in the wind tunnel like that, Look at the video and it will show you how he helps out and Sarah will tell you how it was in there and how much it helped her out.

A little more about Ski jumping.

Ski jumping is a really hard thing to do because you have to be on your moves like all the time. If you make one wrong move it will slow you down. You have to make sure that your on top of everything when your out there.
How To Be A Ski Jumper - Sarah Hendrickson | Faster Higher Stronger

Sarah Hendrickson Fly

Visa Olympics Commercial Sarah Hendrickson "Flying"

SKi Jumping

Visa Olympics -- Sarah Hendrickson Ski Jump Teaser

More about Ski Jumping

Sometimes they use water not snow. I think that is cool that they can use water not snow all the time. I think that is really neat that they can use water not snow and they use fake grass. I think that is really cool.