Program Director: Samantha Enayati

JCPRD OST Mission Statement: Developing health and happiness in our community's children through safe, diverse, and character-building experiences.

February News


This Friday we will be going to Power Play! Please make sure you sign the permission slip located on the parent table. Also, please remember to pack a peanut free lunch as we do have multiple children with peanut allergies. Spring Break Camp is open for enrollment and field trips will be posted as soon as we receive confirmations. Ernie Miller Nature Center will be visiting us at Diemer on next Monday, February 8th. They will arrive at 3:30 and their presentation will last 45 minutes.

Also, Indoor Summer Camp Registration will begin Monday, February 22 at noon by downloading the forms from Forms will have to be scanned into the Registration Office not left with you at the centers.

Locations have not yet been determined. We are still working with the school districts on this.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

***With the temps getting chillier, we ask that your child has the appropriate outdoor attire (coat, gloves, hat with names labeled inside) to wear outside, layer up. If they do not, they will need to stay inside.

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2015 Child Care Tax Statements

Our JCPRD Registration Office will be e-mailing your 2015 child care expense report to you the week of January 4-8, 2016. Please check your inbox this week for that information as well as your SPAM folder in case it gets stuck there. Thank you.

For claiming Child and Dependent Care Tax Credits, the Johnson County Park and Recreation District's Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 48-6090320.


Closures - No JCPRD provided

Monday, February 15th Presidents' Day

Fee Due Dates

Friday, February 12th

Friday, February 26th


Friday, February 5- All Day Programming --Power Play 11:15-3:30

**All Children will need to pack a peanut free lunch!

**The above days are included in full-time fees. If your child is not full-time, additional charges will apply**


Snow Days:

JCPRD is unable to provide services in USD #512 (SMSD) facilities when severse weather leads to school closures. We are sorry for any inconvience!

How Do You Know if It Is A Snow Day?

1. Call the cell: 913-909-1521

2. Check out the District Website

3. Watch the local news for school closures

4. Look at JCPRDkids Twitter account

Sign up for message alerts from SMSD:

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Parent Handbook

If you missed the Parent Orientation you can visit and read the Parent

Handbook online, please go over the Code of Conduct with your child(ren) that is in the handbook & below.

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We are very excited to report that we have taken the Commit to Health Pledge! In doing so you can expect to see our out of school time participants engaging in more physical activity, learning about good nutrition, and eating healthier snacks while in attendance at JCPRD. Commit to Health is an initiative of the National Recreation and Park and Association and The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Our staff has worked hard to develop a new food service menu that features items that are nutrient dense, low in fat, sugar, and sodium, as well as more fresh fruits and vegetables. Please support our efforts to help students develop healthy eating habits by encouraging them to be open to trying new foods and by reinforcing the benefits of nutritious diet. Healthy snacks and meals improve cognitive function, increase energy, and help children grow strong muscles and bones!

What's Happening at JCPRD?

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Morning Care: 7:00-8:15 am

Afternoon Care: 3:00-6:00 pm

All Care Days 7:00-6:00 pm

*Late pick-up will result in a $1 late fee per minute.

Staff Members:
Program Director:

Samantha Enayati

Morning Care:
Melanie Oldenburg

Afternoon Care:

Lead: Melanie Oldenburg

Lead: John Perrine

Assistant: Muriel Lund

Assistant: Matthew Neaderhiser

School iPads- JCPRD Technology Policy

JCPRD recognizes that some students are being given school-issued technology that must be transported to and from school. While JCPRD will make a good-faith effort to ensure the safety and security of those items during program hours, a level of personal responsibility on the part of the student is expected.

JCPRD will:

· Offer secure storage for school-issued devices during program hours

Students will:

· Be responsible for turning in device to staff to be secured

· Be responsible for checking in/out the device when it needs to be used for homework purposes during the JCPRD program

· Be responsible for retrieving device before leaving the program

*Devices that are not retrieved at the end of the day will remain in locked storage until the following day during normal business hours. Staff will not be available to retrieve devices outside of normal program hours.

Tenative Daily Schedule

  • Check-In: We will check students in at the cafeteria.
    **If you know your child(ren) will not be in OST please call us at 913.642.8787 (class phone), 913.909.1521(cell phone) or email me at (I will not be at my computer from 3:00-5:30). If a student has not checked in with us, we will contact you if we haven't heard from you first.

  • Snack: 3:15-4:15 JCPRD will provide two healthy options for your child to choose from. Kiddos are also allowed to bring in other healthy options as well.

  • Homework Club: Students can complete school work in cafeteria from 3:15 - 4:15 pm. Due to staffing ratios and other activities, homework time during JCPRD is limited to one hour. Please discuss with your child if they should participate in homework club. JCPRD is not responsible if homework does not get completed.

  • Activities: 4:30-5:30 - Students will be able to choose which activity they would like to participate in for the day. Activities will include, but are not limited to... STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) programs, cooking programs, nature programs, active programs, and MORE!

  • Outside/Gym Time: We believe it is essential for minds and bodies to have mental health breaks and join in on fitness breaks. Weather permitting we will go outside. JCPRD follows the Shawnee Mission school district’s weather policy. Please remember to have your child(ren) layer up and bring a jacket with their name labeled inside it. We will have structured activities for them to do during this time as well as free play.

  • Check-Out: When you come to pick up your child(ren) please remember to WALK IN and SIGN THEM OUT. There is a late charge of a $1 per minute after 6:00pm. If tardiness is an issue, termination of care may occur.