English 10 Update

Week of Feb. 8th - 12th

This Week at a Glance

We began this week by presenting our poetry project and finishing our WWI unit of study, which focused on poetry. Next, we began our WWII unit and completed a couple of pre-reading activities for the novel Night, by Elie Wiesel. After we gained knowledge about the Holocaust and reviewed the context for Night, we began reading. We will continue to read and discuss Night over the course of the next two weeks.

WWI Poetry Project

During the WWI unit we focused on poetry. Each group within the class was assigned a different WWI poem in which they were asked to read and analyze within the group. Each group was then asked to create a visual representation of the poem, which you can see examples of below. Lastly, students were asked to create a piktochart that included an analysis of the poem, examples of literary elements found within the poem, and a description of the author's purpose in writing the poem. Overall, students did well with this assignment and it was a great way to end the WWI unit!

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