Bolivian Salt Flats

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How was the Bolivian Salt Flat formed?

The Bolivian salt flat was formed by dried up desert lakes that were formed in closed hollows that didn't allow the rain water to escape. Salt and other minerals that dissolve in water gets left behind to form a solid layer.

There's a story they use to say how it was formed. There were three giant mountain men surrounding the flats, Kusina, Kusku, and Tunupa. Tumpa and Kusku were married, but Kusku betrayed his wife for Kusina. Tunupa's tears are said to have formed the salt flats.

What is the Bolivian Salt Flat? Where is it located?

The Bolivian Salt Flat are a couple huge lakes that dried up leaving 11,000 sq-km of landscape that is bright white salt.

The Salt Flats are located in Daniel Compos Province in Potosí in southwest Bolivia.