Virtual Resume

By: Khushpreet Virk

ACADEMIC smart goal


My academic smart goal is to graduate high school with honors. In addition I would like to achieve an average of 85%+. This is important because the career that I have choose for me, it requires a high average.


To measure the progress of my goal I will have to wait till my report card comes out every few months or whenever my teacher gives me a mark update. But if my teacher doesn’t give a mark update I am going to keep track of all of my marks from the tests and assignments and add them up to check my updated mark. Therefore, if my average totals up to an 85%+, then I have completed my academic smart goal.


In order to achieve my goal I will need to make and follow steps. In order to get the average that I need, I need to concentrate in class and do my work on time and achieve high marks in every class. Therefore, this will make my marks stay consistent. Additionally, I would also get an 8 hour sleep because according to research a person or a student needs to get 9 hours of sleep every day. I am also going to eat daily and have a proper diet that keeps me fit.


This is an important goal in life at this time because if I really want to be successful in life and in order to this I need to apply for good universities and colleges. If I don’t get into one of the universities or college that I would want to go to, this will affect my career as I might not get the job that I am looking for.


To achieve this main goal I must make smaller goals. My smaller goals would be to be up to date with my average and if I think its low, try to improve it with my hardest abilities. Lastly after leading up to grade 11 and 12, make this average go up or try my best to stay consistent.

Volunteering smart goal


My Volunteering smart goal is to help out my community in every way and get at least 200 volunteering hours before I graduate high school. I will volunteer at places, where the people there need students to help them such as elections or I could also volunteer somewhere where I could possibly work in the future.


To measure how well I am achieving my goal I am going to keep track of my hours from the volunteer place through the sheet that is provided by the school. Which later when I think I am satisfied with the amount of hours that I have, I am going to hand that sheet to my guidance counsellor. As I volunteer at places I will keep getting the volunteer sheet signed by the people there as soon as I reach 40 hours. Therefore, I can be in track until I have achieved my volunteering smart goal.


In order to achieve this goal I would make a schedule that would include things like when should I take time out of my life to go to a volunteer place or when should I complete a certain amount of hours. I would also plan ahead if I need a ride because if I don’t do this, I will not be able to achieve my goal. Lastly, I would also plan when should I go to the volunteer place and when should I come back.


It is important that I do this as soon as I go to high school or by grade 10 because sometimes in grade 11 or 12 it can get hard to take out time for volunteering because grade 11 and 12 are the grades that a student needs to focus on the most. I can also go to places where I would like to work in the future and if I don’t like it, I can change my career path.


To reach my main goal I must have smaller goals. My smaller goals would include things like getting a certain amount of hours done in a week such as do 1 hour of volunteering a week. This way I can be organized and obtain my goal fast as possible and graduate with high amount of hours. Therefore, this will complete my smart goal for volunteering.