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important information

  • county Afghnaistna
  • Capital Kabul
  • Population 31,018,077

Physical Features

  • Nowshakea is a highest point Mountain at Hindu Kush.

When you look Down.

Geographic boundarie

  • North Kunduz
  • South Kandahar
  • East Herat
  • West Kabul when you look above


  • Sullan Mahmaed of Ghanzniani and and his army took over Afghanistan making it a empire that stretches western from Iran to India.
  • Western Iran to Afghanistan get under the strength of Persian Safavid Dynasty.
  • British takes over the Kashmir.Alexander takes over most of Afghanistan.


  • The pashtuns people live in Southern part of Afghanistan.
  • But there is a large number of Pakistan and Iran People.
  • Pashtuns make the largest ethie group.
  • Afghanistan is known of of the crossroads of Asia.


  • Afghanistan children of ten live with huge families.
  • .Woman do the cleaning and cooking.
  • Although children don't have alot of free time.
  • .By ten years old ,young afghans take on adult jobs.


  • The country has been divided into 34 provinces.
  • On the countryside is laws are passed where kabulis laws are ignored.
  • Aghanistans presidents are elected every 5 years.
  • Tribal leaders are considerded the improtant leaders.

My choice

  • Dancing in Aghanistan is really popular.
  • Aghanistan people often perform national and relgious celebrations.
  • Some dances

can go on for hours and hours.

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