Vladimir Lenin

The intelligentstia

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Birth and death.

April 22, 1870- January 21 1924

Real name- Vladimir Llyich Ulyanov


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His wife

The above picture is of his only Immediate family, his wife, who was by his side during his entire life, and who held him even on his death bed. birth to death
History vs. Vladimir Lenin - Alex Gendler

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The man, The myth, The legend

Lenin despises Intellectuals known in Russia as Intelligentsia, they were prosecuted in the 1920's and sent out of the country, nearly two million of them, so you'll be one of the smartest people there! Or not,I mean you're marrying a murderer. He's married, but he will be more then willing cheat on her for you! (As he has done so for others, but im sure you'll be the one.) He's a very smart man and has a lot of work to do, but you wont have to worry, ever since his stroke he cant as much! He isn't religious, and to prove it he shut down all the churches and killed all the priests! Now what will you do when you want to hail marry? Probably nothing, that'd be a bad idea. He leads an amazingly average group of confederation of nations known as the USSR! On the side note, he also started a huge campaign to make secondary education free for everyone, and it still is even today (he likes to contradict him self). He raised the literacy rate from around 35%-70% in only 9 years

So why should he be on the Comrade?

1. He isn't religious, and neither is anyone else! Thanks to there being no churches at his credit.

2. He's one of the smartest people in Russia, mostly because he shipped all the scientist and other smart people out of the country.

And 3. Just look at that beard, I mean, who could possibly resist all that?

Question Time

1. Who did he despise?

2. What was he against?

2. What did he do to help the russian people?