Embed Sound Button on Tumblr

How to Embed Sound Button on your Tumblr profile?

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Hey, Readers! This is beyond the doubt that Tumblr is getting popular day by day. Want to know how you can use the Embed Sound button on your Tumblr Profile? Then, you have landed on the right page.

If you don't get a suitable sound for your profile then Sound Button is the best choice for you. It is a platform that offers a collection of sounds. All sounds are very clear. You also get an option to upload any sound on soundbuttons.net and it is free of cost.

We will provide you with every information on How you can make your Tumblr profile by adding sound buttons. So without delay, let's get started.

What is Tumblr?

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For those who are not very familiar with the Tumblr application. Tumblr is very easy to use but hard to explain. Its attractive features and flexibility are best for e-commerce merchant owners.

With the Tumblr social networking service, you can set up your blog and then add content with text, images, and video posts. As a Tumblr user, you have complete control over the look, feel, and performance of your site and can modify it using HTML code.

For example, you can add HTML code to the heading of your Tumblr blog so that an MP3 audio file appears at the top of your website. The Tumblr microblogging service not only supports text, video, and image-based posts but also allows you to embed audio.

Once you add an audio file to your post, visitors can listen to the clip via the integrated player without downloading the file or being directed to another site.

As of publication, there is a 10MB restriction on audio files, but you can upload large files to another file host, and then embed the link on Tumblr to avoid this restriction.

Tumblr also has a partnership with SoundCloud and Spotify that enables you to embed audio from these services directly in your Tumblr posts.

One way to spice up your company's Tumblr blog is to add a sound effect that plays when the blog loads or when a user clicks or moves the mouse over an element such as a button or an image.

The audio tag in HTML5 makes it easy to add this feature to your blog, you'll need to have the sound effect in a WAV format to ensure it plays on the most popular browsers.

Hub of Sound effects - Soundbuttons.net

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Now, you must be wondering from where you get the Royalty-free sound effects at zero cost that will provide a professional look to your blog? Well, Soundbuttons.net has a great collection of sound effects. Its database contains around 3 million sound effects of all genres.

Its interface is so simple and clean that anybody can access it without having any knowledge of technicality. No registration or sign up required. Just visit the site and download or share the desired sound effect. Moreover, all the sound effects are divided into 12 different categories.

To find the particular sound effect, you can discover it via category. There is a dedicated search bar. Type the sound effects name and the result will appear on the screen within no time.

All the sound effects are created by a team of great sound developers that has the potential to provide a professional look to your blogs. When you tap on the share button it will give you the options to share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter as well as copy the URL and embed it to your blog.

How to Insert a Sound button in Tumblr

Step 1 - Log in to your Blogger account.

Step 2 - Click the drop-down menu next to the blog you want to export on the dashboard, and then click "Settings."

Step 3 - Click the "Other" link.

Step 4 - Click the "Export Blog" link, click "Download Blog," then click "Save File" and save the XML file to your computer.

Step 5 - Log in to your WordPress account.

Step 6 - Click the "Tools" item in the dashboard menu, then click "Import."

Step 7 - Select "Blogger " from the list.

Step 8 - Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the "Browse" button next to the "Have a Blogger Export File?" text field. Navigate to the location of the XML file downloaded from Blogger in the File Open dialog and click the "Open" button.

Step 9 - Click the "Upload File and Import" button to upload the XML file and import the Blogger posts to your WordPress blog.

End Note

Well, this is all about How to Embed the Sound button to your Tumblr profile. I hope, you will find it informative. In case of any queries, do let us know in the comments section below. Share it with your near and dear ones. Thanks for reading!