American Flags For Donation!

Donation Price: $50+

Help me go to Scout Camp this summer!

I am a Boy Scout. This is the first year I have had the opportunity to go to Scout Camp. It may seem easy for me to go, but it is in San Diego for a week. I would love the opportunity to go camping with my friends. I will be able to pass off lots of requirements and merit badges. In order to go, I need $500. I don't have that kind of money, so I need your help! Any donation helps, preferably more than $40. So far I have made about $200. There is still a lot to go. If you live nearby, I could give you a flyer for American Flags. The thing that is great about it is that we, the scouts will come to your house, and do all the labor of putting in a genuine american flag every national holiday. All you have to do is live nearby, and donate at least $40! Please help me go to scout camp, and your donations will be greatly appreciated.
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At least $40, preferably $100