Hooterrific Owl-Stars Newsletter

August 2013 - Volume 2

Hooterrific Owl-Stars

This is our second Newsletter, the first being an introduction and delivered less than two weeks ago. These will be monthly and will be just for our current designers. If you have a DIW, I have a welcome Newsletter that I'd love to send out but haven't received any emails. When you sign up a new DIW, please add them to our FB Group and email me their email address so I can approve them and send them the DIW Newsletter. Like you, I am unable to see DIWs from the Back Office so that's why I need the email address from you, I will only approve them if I have their email addresses. I want to make sure they are getting as much information as possible while they wait. If you would like anything added to the September Newsletter, please email me and I'll add it. Have a great month!


Congratulations to Marla Mandell for being our Number 1 Designer for the month with a total Personal Volume of $889.11 with Lynda Jones being in a close 2nd at $586.

Both Marla and Lynda will also receive their promotion to Team Leader this month, which in turn has promoted me to Senior Team Leader...a HUGE Thank you and Congratulations!!!

New Designers Since our Last Newsletter:

Congratulations...we've welcomed two new designers this past week and since our first Newsletter last week:

Please Welcome:

Cari Stanhope, Suisun City, CA
Ashley Merrick, Vacaville, CA