The Best Place to Settle

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Original Settlements in Virginia

On May 14, 1607, more than one hundred men from London founded the first permanent English colony in America. They had traveled in three ships and arrived at Chesapeake Bay. Virginia was the most convent place for these men to have settle because it is located on the coastline and provided the English men a source of travel and resources. Virginia is very important because it was the first settlement done by the English in America. These men also started the Virginia Company which was an English firm that planned to make money by sending people to America to find gold and other valuable natural resources and then ship those resources back to England.

James Town

The one hundred men who arrived in Virginia found a site thirty miles upstream of a river and called this place James after the English King, James I. This site is no other than James Town and was the first permanent English Colony in America. In the beginning the colony was led by Captain John Smith and it suffered from disease, starvation, and Indian resistance. Virginia Company did not prosper in the beginning either because they could not find any gold. Salvation came in the form of tobacco which changed the economy of not only James Town but the whole Virginia forever. John Rolfe cultivated a variety of that sold really well in England boosting Virginias Economy. Tobacco quickly became the cash crops of Virginia.
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Type of Colony

Virginia was a colony that was very dependent on salves. Because tobacco was such an important cash crop people invested heavily on plantations and farms. These massive farms required labor force that was inexpensive and that came in bulks. The easiest option was slaves. The middle passage-the sea voyage that carried African Slaves to North America-carried many slaves to Virginia. The law of the the land from 1624 mandated that white Virginians worship in the Church of England and support its upkeep with taxes. Despite establishment of the Church of England there was still diversity in Virginia and Protestant Churches could also exist. The Virginia Company established a legislative assembly that was similar to England's Parliament called the House of Burgesses. The House of Burgesses was the first legislative assembly established in Virginia.

Bacon's Rebellion

Tuesday, June 2nd 1676 at 12am

Jamestown, VA, United States

Jamestown, VA

Bacon's Rebellion is one of the first uprising against the Virginian Company and the House of Burgesses. It was considered the starting of the American Revolution which occurred almost exactly a hundred years after but was later understood as a power struggle between two selfish and stubborn leaders rather than a glorious fight. The Bacon’s Rebellion was an uprising largely if poor whites in Virginia who wanted land and the colonial government to take harsher measures actions towards American Indians. Their actions caused many Native Americans to flee the region and seek new places to live. The rebellion was put down, and the Virginia House of Burgesses passed laws to regulate slavery so that the poor colonist would no longer side with the slaves against the rich white colonist.

Bacon's Rebellion

John Rolfe

John Rolfe was born in May 6, 1585 and died on 1622 in Varina Plantation, VA. He stepped into history in May of 1609 when he stepped on the ship bound for Virginia. John Rolfe and the fellow survivors struggled in Virginia through starvation, diseases, and native attacks. In 1612 John Rolfe started experimenting with tobacco. Tobacco flourished in Virgina and soon enough they started shipping it to England. In 1613 the Indian princess Pocahontas was introduced into John's life. They fell in love and got married. In 1616, Rolfe and his family traveled to England to support the Virginia company and the colony and upon his return he got more involved in the government. Sadly John Rolfe dies in 1622 after his plantation was destroyed in an Indian attack, but it is unclear exactly ow he had died.