George Washington

and How He Impacted the First Presidency


  • George Washington only held two terms in office as the president. Now presidents are only allowed to sit for two terms.
  • John Adams suggested that the president should be called "His Majesty, the President", but Washington didn't like such a regal title because it'd be too similar to that of a king.
  • Washington wanted an oval office in the White House, and about a century later, that came to fruition. He also helped map out Washington D.C.


  • Washington was elected twice into office, the first time was by unanimous vote.
  • He personally led 12,000+ men in the Whiskey Rebellion in 1791
  • August of 1790, Washington gave a speech about how important religious tolerance is at a Rhode Island Synagogue.
  • He also has one of the most celebrated inaugural speeches in American History.


I think Washington was a very effective leader. We still use many of the ideas that he thought of, such as there only being two terms per president and having an oval office in the White House. He was also a very accomplished leader. He was elected for two terms, he supported religious tolerance, and he had a very moving inaugural speech.
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