Computing Curriculum Support and Projects for Schools

About Me

My name is Jamie Edmondson , a Computing subject leader and qualified teacher with over twelve years primary and secondary teaching experience. I offer a range of specialist Computing expertise to schools, which comes from years of successful teaching and delivery of innovative, technology - driven learning.


Including consultancy advice, support/training and curriculum design. This could also include developing a system for recording, reporting and assessing pupil progress against the new framework. This could be delivered through half or full day inset training, staff meetings or twilight sessions.

I also have my own scheme of work for Computing which you can read more about here and can be delivered as part of a team teaching focus.


This will include working alongside your assessment coordinator, computing coordinator or members of your ELT or SLT to enable you to develop rigorous and robust whole school assessment and evidence portfolio's for all subjects. A whole school record keeping and evidence sharing system, provides you with an extremely powerful tool for moderation and this time saving, user friendly system provides a far more cost effective and efficient solution.


I will provide training which is based on my own expertise and experiences, having successfully used iPads to improve my teaching and learning. Topic areas could include;

  • "The paperless classroom" - using iPads to develop a work flow model between pupils and teacher, whilst still maintaining authentic pupil feedback and teacher marking

  • Using the iPad as a teaching tool and for AfL

  • Mobile device training - e.g. deploying a school 1:1 device system or Bring Your Own Device System and utilising iPad's within the classroom

  • Using iPad apps to support pupil's with SEN and AEN

  • Using iPad apps to enhance teaching in literacy and numeracy

  • Using iPad apps to develop writing

  • Using iPads in guided reading

  • Setting up a VLE and using the iPad to develop collaboration

  • Using iPads in EYFS

  • Using QR codes

  • Using Augmented Reality to create pupil - voiced, evidence based, interactive displays
  • Using your iPad as a classroom management tool

Alternatively support can be focussed on working 1:1 with your ICT subject leader (or other staff); providing consultancy support on iPad deployment and advice on recommended apps.


Most projects, although designed for apple computers/devices, can be easily adapted for PC. Unless otherwise stated, projects can be delivered as full or half day events or as specific, targeted intervention programmes (run over 6 or 12 weeks blocks). Projects include;

  • Greenscreen
  • ePub books
  • Podcasting
  • Animated Film
  • Multimedia
  • Website design
  • iPad Art (full or half day only dependant on the amount of pupil's involved)
  • Control and Programming

  • Handheld learning (6 or 12 week specific intervention programmes)

N.B. These projects will be planned specifically around key objectives from the new literacy/numeracy curriculum. Pupil's will be assessed at the beginning and end of the intervention, to give schools a measure of the impact made on pupil's progress.

Projects include;

  • Using games to enhance boys writing
  • Using screencasting apps to develop talk for maths
  • Using the iPad to develop skills in reading
  • Engaging reluctant writers through the use of virtual world apps
  • Use of apps/games to develop skills in maths
  • Using animation apps for story telling (ideal for EYFS and KS1)
  • Developing writing skills through the making of an iPad game


This could be in the form of a proven, after school programming club. Alternatively, I also run an after school radio club, which can be recorded and accessible on your schools VLE platform (these can also be run as a holiday club). Alternatively, provision could focus on a different area of computing. Please contact to discuss any ideas that you have!


I offer a range of training on a variety of computing topics. This expertise comes from years of experience and having incorporated these aspects within my own teaching. Training could focus on;

  • Programming/Coding (e.g. Scratch)
  • The Computing curriculum
  • Blogging
  • Using web 2.0 tools and social networking
  • eSafety workshops/presentations for parents and guardians
  • Getting the most out of your computer programming hardware (e.g. Beebots, Probots, Makey Makey kit etc)
  • Using the 'flipped teaching' model as an alternative to traditional classroom instruction
  • Using mobile technology to enhance teaching and learning

How to get in contact

If you are interested in booking any services or would like any more information, please contact me using one of the methods below.