Marketing Newsletter 4

4 = moar


  • FTM - Great FTM, we got motivated, tackled some new projects and are ready to go. (here's the video we watched)
  • RoKS - is our regional kick-off seminar. It's an incredible way for you to expand your AIESEC network. Check out the info! (look below for the registration link)
  • Retreat / FTM - Next FTM is going to be a training session for the new members put on by the old members. It'll be in MONROE 351 @ 7:00
  • Dorm Storming - is happening this Saturday from 6-8pm. We'll meet in the office at 6:00 and we'll get going!
  • Career Fair - we just got approved to be in it! It's going to be the 17th from 1-5 in the smith center
  • Great job at LCM today! All of you killed it with your enthusiasm

Action Steps

  • Check the Tracker to make sure you're on track for what you have to do. Keep updating the tracker as you go. For the newbies, we'll be filling it in as we do our 1-1s
  • Register for Roks ASAP: Here's the link (or look below!). If you have any financial troubles, please let me know and I can try to help out. LET ME KNOW ONCE YOU"VE REGISTERED!!!
  • Eat good food, take care of yourself, enjoy life

Current Projects!

  • Cultural Night - Victoria and Youwen are working on a cultural night where each LC member is going to be presenting about a different country and we'll be inviting outside people
  • Career Review - Luis is going to be working on partnering with career services to get some resumé building, LinkedIn help and nice profile pictures. (Work with ICX and Finance)
  • Video / Feature - Trung and Sara will be talking to different LC members to feature them in a Video or on Facebook

Thank you! All this other stuff is extra

We Are AIESEC in the United States
see if you can spot some familiar faces in the video^^
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