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Monthly Events

This month in the library we had the privilege of hosting 7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies, 6th grade enriched science, 8th grade Language Arts and Creative Writing, Wheel classes- Communications and French 1. Thank you to those teachers and students for being users of information and inquiry learners!

Most Popular Check Outs

7th Grade Skypes Author Kathryn Erskine

All 7th grade students recently visited the Kennedy Center in the beginning of February to see the play, Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. After the play several 7th grade classes had the opportunity to discuss the play rendition and the novel via Skype with the Virginia based author! What an opportunity! Thank you Kathryn Erskine for your visit and our students are excited to read your other novels.

Technology Feature

Want to send amazing newsletters or flyers just like this one? Need help in creating a class newsletter or a more tech savvy flyer for your portfolio? Just ask your librarian, Mrs. Brady for help in using This is a very easy and free program to use and can jazz up any class information that needs to be sent home to your parents.

Scholastic Book Fair

Monday, March 9th, 8:15am to Friday, March 13th, 12pm

Gainesville Middle School Library

The spring edition of the Scholastic Book Fair is just around the corner! Book your class visits now and turn to channel 37 to watch book trailers of popular books that will be available for sale in the library. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and will add new titles to the fiction and nonfiction sections of the library. Come and check it all out!