Kundalini Yoga Workshop

Discover yourself.

Discover Yourself.

* Find inner beauty

* Relieve stress

* boost the metabolism

* Gain focus

* Build Positive relationships in your life

Discover how Kundalini yoga can help you find inner beauty, improve your health, provide stress relief, be happier and build positive relationships in your life.

Yoga for Real Life workshop focus on everyday issues and how the breathing exercises, postures, mantras and meditation from Kundalini yoga can help you to achieve real happiness, real health, real relationships, prosperity and feel better about yourself. Maya mixes her knowledge of yoga and music to create a magical experience, one that is uplifting and encourages you to use what you have learned to improve your perspective on everyday life. One day's workshop can put you on the path to happiness and balance in your life.

Kudalini yoga workshop to discover your self

Saturday, May 9th, 3-5pm

Satya Yoga & Pilates, 39 Rte 25A, Mount Sinai, NY, United States

The energy exchange for this workshop is $30. Please dress comfortable and arrive 15 min early so we can start on time. I look forward to seeing all of you. Many blessings! Sat Nam