Social-Emotional Development

Birth to Age 2


  • From birth children all have different temperament

  • Temperament refers to the severity of emotional reactions.

  • Such as passivity, grumpiness, and activity.

  • Passivity makes reference to how actively involved a child is with his or her environment.

  • A child that's involved with his or her surroundings responds to a new person or event.

  • Some children can cry easily due to their level of irritability.

  • There are some infants who barely cry, which is easy for the parents.


  • Attachment is the strong connection that develop between people emotionally.
  • Infants mainly become close to a small group of people early in life and those that care for them
  • Attachment shows that infants care
  • Infants also respond to certain people who are important to them
  • The caregiver who is reliably available and responsible for a baby's needs, is responsible for the baby's self-esteem later on
  • Changes in the child's attachment can result from the parent's behavior
  • Attachment can change due to family circumstances, such as death in the family, a birth, or a divorce