SCPS High School Gifted Education

May - July 2022 Newsletter

The best is yet to come...

As you have journeyed this academic year with your teen, you may have encountered triumphs and challenges. Overall, they have met the end of this academic year with success as well as learning opportunities.

Their learning does not stop in May, it continues throughout the summer with new opportunities of getting organized or enhancing their goals for Fall 2022.

This newsletter provides information and insights to reflect and act upon for this summer and the next academic venture this fall.

Remember, the best is yet to come...

How to stay smart over the summer: 5 tips for building executive functions

This Summer: Start Preparing for the College Application Process

  • Narrow down the college list.
  • Visit college campuses – even if it means doing so virtually.
  • Work on college essays.
  • Make a list of teachers or mentors you could ask for a recommendation.
  • Compile an activities list.
  • Research scholarships.
  • Study for standardized tests.
  • Learn about financial aid requirements.

Application Tips for Rising Seniors:

The Surprising Habits Of Orginal Thinkers by Adam Grant

High School Gifted Instructional Team

Kevin Bouffard (BPHS)

Feli Cardenas (NSHS)

Susan Easter (CFHS)

Kali Hamill (MVHS)

Helga Purnell (SHS)

Stephenie Fellinger (SCPS K-12 Coordinator of Gifted Services)